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The voice of a thriving,

Business expertise. Agricultural knowledge. Legal, professional and political acumen. That’s what’s needed as Minnesota sets up a legal, responsible marijuana industry. Join in. Lend a hand, any hand, to the Minnesota Marijuana Association.

We believe Minnesota will serve as an example to the rest of the country, creating a community and establishing a legal, responsible cannabis industry that becomes a model for other states through promotion, education and advocacy.

Supporting the right people for the right cause.

First comes conversation, then comes action. We’re here to help move from one to the other, partnering with business leaders and community changemakers to provide support as we work to nurture the state’s emerging cannabis industry.

Are you a business?

Influence MMA activities, publicly. You can also count on MMA for educational information throughout the process.

Are you a community member?

If your interests and investments will be impacted by our efforts within the industry, this is your platform.

Let’s talk in person

'We are committed to assuring fairness and equal opportunities for all people in society.'

-Frank Ongaro, Acting Executive Director